How can you get involved with WeeWork?

"How Can I get involved with WeeWork for Good?"


This is something the WeeWork team keeps hearing when talking about WeeWork, or after an event that used WeeWork products. We have created the below list of ways that YOU can help WEEWork grow!

Compassion is Contagious and together WEE can create a brighter future for all!


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Biz Tucson Highlights WeeWork for Good

Biz Tucson, one of the leading business magazines in Arizona has written a wonderful article highlight WeeWork for good, below is an excerpt from it, or you may click here to read the full story.

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Together WEE Can Highlights

Last month we shared 5 highlights from 2016, and WEE are thrilled to be able to share a few more accomplishments that have taken place. As you read these, think about how you relate to the people sharing their story and how WeeWork for Good could partner with a family or organization you are involved with.

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WEE Look Back To Some Accomplishments

WeeWork for Good is a business for good. Throughout the last year we have seen, felt, and shared love with people from all walks of life. Here are just a few highlights from what WEE have done.

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A Valentine’s Cake Walk Story

For years we would brainstorm giving projects, purchase supplies, create instructions and develop inspiring educational activities and deliver all that was needed to a non-profit organization to give children an opportunity to help someone in need but there was a moment that I’ll never forget when the hard-work and countless hours all seemed worth the efforts….


I was running late picking my kids up from school and had a car full of supplies to bring to a Valentine’s event at the Boys and Girls club but I wanted to make one last stop to buy an extra special cake for a child that would receive it at a Cake Walk that evening.  I had already purchased cookies and cupcakes but thought it would be fun if I could pick out something really special for one lucky child.

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